Join us in the NATO Training Centre on the beautiful island of Crete for a unique   "hands on" experience for Cybersecurity technical experts. 

Boost your Cyber Security Profiling, Get recognised for your unique Cyber Incident Handling Skills across various platforms and step out from the crowd. 

Three Academics, Assoc. Prof. Nineta Polemi, Head of Security Lab University of Piraeus, Dr. Ioannis Agrafiotis, Research Fellow, Cybersecurity Analytics Group, Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford, and Dr. Maria Bada James Martin Fellow, Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre, Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford, and two Cyber Security Consultation companies, CENSUS (GR) and FOCAL POINT (BE), have joined powers to organise this high level summer training. 


“Most of the training courses are focused on the "offence (attack-red team)" part, such as "penetration testing", "Web app pen test" etc. We have included the "defence" part as well within two dedicated days. One with a unique way of delivering the course (knowledge sharing), and one as a hands on for advanced defences”.

Prof. G. Ataya.  Solvay Brussels School - Economics & Management (BE),


"It is a unique combined course with "pentest" training one day along with high level Academics delivering the "academia" perspective, "Real Life" practitioners delivering the hottest, up to date practises from ‘’real life’’ incident handling. Our advanced "red team" delivers the latest methods on attacks the "adversary" is doing due to its "real life experience.”

Assoc. Prof. N. Polemi,  Head of the University of Piraeus Security Lab (GR) 


10 Reasons why you shouldn’t miss this training

  1. Advance your security knowledge to practical, effective cyber incident expertise.
  2. Develop cyber situational awareness skills.
  3. Get familiar with cyber defence best practices based on the latest cyber attacks.
  4. Build collaboration and synergy with your cyber security team members.
  5. Learn how to evaluate Strategies, Tools, Procedures based upon specific assessment criteria.
  6. Understand EU-GDPR and how to comply
  7. Boost your career by getting the ICT Personality Assessment on Career Advancement or on Leadership Potential; identify your strengths, and incorporate them into your CV.
  8. Combine High Quality Professional level Education with Entertainment in Crete, one of the most famous islands in Greece.
  9. Pave your way towards becoming an internationally recognized cyber security expert.  
  10. Receive a certificate of attendance.  


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